I thank you for your wonderful performance in the wedding reception of my daughter. our people uniformly gave an excellent feedback for the programme. You are instrumental for making the reception event a grand show by your unique music! Compared to the joy you have given to the entire crowd, the cost we have incurred is nothing! My blessings to you and your Team and regards to your Guru who has trained you so nicely!

N.Panchapakesan.(Founder Sai Sankara Matrimonials)

Kudos to you and your team ! Myself and family enjoyed the performance to the core! Really great! Ilayaraja’s melodies at the end of the concert was pleasant to listen. Had the time permitted, We would have listened more songs too.

V.V.Ranganaathan, Kodambakkam .

Wah! What a performance! Never I have heard such a wonderful programme in reception. cheers to the accompanying artists too.

N.Lakshmanan, Bombay.

It was the first time I listened to a music programme nonstop. It was absolutely mesmerizing. A great show indeed.

Mr.Sridharan, KK Nagar

You made the wedding reception ever green in memories by your scintillating performance. Normally people will rush for dinner , but in your performance many preferred to enjoy the music keeping the dinner secondary. All the relatives and friends will book you for their wedding events..I am sure ! All the best


I am in search for words to express my happiness in attending your concert. I feel really fortunate. Keep it up dear Saiganesh. Bright future awaits you!!


It is said music is a great service of happiness. It became explicit in your performance. God bless your


Dear Sri.Saiganesh It was a great show!!Hats off Rarely I come across such performance

Mrs.Saroja subramaniyan,pune

I have listened to the keyboard to the keyboard music of many eminent artists. But I found yours was something unique and great!! The way you rendered both the carnatic as well as the cine songs in between was laudable. Nowadays people love to hear both carnatic songs as well as cine songs.

Mr.Vaidhyanathan, KK Nagar

The choice of songs was nice. By listening to your performance I have also developed a taste for instrumental music. I’m keen to learn also. Kindly guide me. 

Mr. P.Balaji, Saidapet

Dear Saiganesh, normally in marriages I see light music with jarring sound. But in instrumental music was great to listen. It was not only melodious but also very catchy and absorbing. Accompanying artists also performed extremely well. Wish you many more laurels to come.

Mr.Baskar, Mumbai

Dear Saiganesh, I know you for a long time. Never I thought you have such immense potentials in keyboard. I applaud your expertise and dedication. I am really proud of you. If you keep going the Future is yours. Wish you all the best

Mr.Ajay, Bangalore

Lovely! Great! Scintillating! I can go on be describing your performance with many such words! I was totally immersed in joy of music for more than 3 hours. You have a good talent. All the best.


When I fixed the wedding we had a discussion in our family on the selection of Music party for the reception. Everyone had their own preferences. As I had listened to you earlier I was keen to have your performances only, much against the wishes of others. But after your performance everyone applauded me for the proper choice!! No wonder they concurred with me!.

Mr.Venkatesh, Annanagar

In reception people go on talking and talking only. But in your case I found people were rejoicing, Applauding..Irrespective of the age , everyone enjoyed you programme. Keep it up!!!.

Mr.Ganesh, Ashok Nagar

Keyboard Music has become very common. People like you are unique and rare. Cheers to you and your guru Shreeraagam Bh.Murali sir well!.

Mrs.Sumathi Ganesh, Ashok Nagar

I find your playing becomes better and better day by day over the period of 2 years. It was pleasant to hear Pani Vizhum song which I requested. The day is not too far to see you as one of the top most artist in the line. May god bless you to bring out the best in you!!

Mr.Babu, Ashok Nagar.

The credit of the grand performance held in my Son’s wedding goes to you and your team. As I was busy in the reception I could only enjoy the performance in the video that was taken .I has now become a stress reliever for me. We will remember you and your music for ever.

Mr.Mahadevan, Ashok Nagar