With the guidance of Shri Bh. Murali, Saiganesh has done a lot of work to make it easy of the students to learn the Indian Classical Music. There is a structured syllabus by which there is no difference between learning through online and Direct classes.

There is convenience of learning from home, at suitable time including weekends A very structured syllabus developed by the person who has immense experience and expertise in teaching

Regular assessment and dedicated attention to monitor the present level of the studentís progress.

The present level of the student will be assessed in one or two classes based on which he would suggest the proceedings.

Saiganesh loves to share the music with people across all the countries by making the learning easy and fun filled. One can definitely learn irrespective of the age if they really have the passion to learn it. Moreover elderly people do not find the learning comfortable when combined with small children. Thus the online learning would be highly helpful to them. The age limit is 7 to 60 years.

The class duration will be 60 minutes. The student can either opt for 4 classes or 8 classes in a month.

The classes has a structured syllabus and periodical assessment to recognize and coach the students on their areas of opportunity. Detailed feedback will be given based on which students can work on their areas of weakness.

Yes, The class timings can be changed provided the requested time slot is available.

You can fill the enrollment form and pay for courses online. The Paypal(USD), and EBR(INR) are used for the secure processing of the payments.

I do not have the option for the partial payment. the student has to pay fee in advance for 4 classes. Only after the acknowledgment of receiving the advance, the classes will be started.

When you pay the fee online, an Email message would be automatically generated which acknowledges the payment details. In case you dinít get the expected message, Please feel free to bring it to my notice .I would be doubly happy to help you.

According to our terms, in a single account only one student is allowed to learn.

If it is a very genuine case, the class will be either compensated in the same month or carried forward to the next month, that too at the most 2 classes would be compensated and not more than that. the make-up class will be provided by me in case the class is cancelled by me.

The students are requested to give prior information in case of taking leave. No compensation of classes will be given if the information reaches after the class timings gets over.

In case of tour or vacation ,the student should inform at least 3 weeks prior to the class in order to find alternate timings for attending the class online, however the same time slot may not be assured. In that case some flexibility will be expected from the student.