Guru Vandhanam

Sri. Bh.Murali

The musical journey of Saiganesh was started at his age of 15 when he started to learn carnatic in Keyboard with Shreeraagam Bh.Murali.

Mr.Bh.Murali is the first guru of Saiganesh. He is a versatile musician and music Educator, who is proficient in Carnatic Vocal, Violin, Harmonium, Keyboard, Guitar, Mandolin, Indian Light Music, and Western Chord Theory. He is the founder of Bh.Murali’s Shreeraagam , a professional and one of the Best Instrumental Orchestras in Chennai and BM Institute of Indian Music(BMIIM) in which he has been training immense number of students both in India and Abroad. He is one of the inspiring gurus who was instrumental in bringing out the music in Saiganesh. More than a guru, he is a great philosopher and guide for him.

Sri U.P.Raju and Smt.U.Nagamani

Sri U.P. Raju is a freelance carnatic musician whose native is Palakol,Andhra Pradesh. He is a leading artist in Mandolin and it has been nearly three decades since he has started performing. He is a regular performer at the chennai’s most esteemed music season. He is the founder of Shastriya Mandolin Sikshana, a school for learning Carnatic music in Mandolin which was started in the year 2012.

When most little girls at the age of 7 would be clutching a doll in their hands, little Nagamani was clutching a Mandolin with her tender fingers to learn the intricacies of playing the carnatic music in the instrument. She is the first female Mandolin playing classical artist which is mentioning. Mr.U.P.Raju along with Smt U. Nagamani form a formidable Mandolin Duo.